Smoked Trout

Smoked trout is one of the world's great treats, especially in the summertime when smoked trout sandwiches and cold drinks are a natural combination.

Smoked trout must always be made of top quality fish. The commercial processors know this and the only thing you will find in our smoked trout is fat, prime rainbow trout. Since top quality smoked trout should be slightly "chewy," other varieties of trout, other than prime rainbow, are simply too soft.

Trout is another of those fish which lends itself nicely to both hot smoking and cold smoking methods. Since trout are relatively small in size, they are a perfect fish to hot smoke. Hot smoking, as opposed to cold smoking which is used to preserve fish, cooks the trout while it adds great smoky flavor.

Smoked trout are a great meal by themselves, can be used as an appetizer or to flavor an assortment of dishes from fish soup to smoked trout dip.

Cold smoked trout are similar to smoked salmon in both color and taste. Some people have to taste twice to tell the difference.

For a sophisticated snack or the perfect start to any meal, simply serve with lemon wedges, horseradish and brown bread and butter. 'Hot' smoked trout is a versatile cooking ingredient and can be used in patés, quiches and soufflés.

'Cold' smoked trout, with its delicate flavor, can also be served traditionally with lemon, and brown bread and butter. For some, adding a little black pepper makes it even tastier.

For a really indulgent breakfast, serve smoked trout and scrambled eggs, a mouthwatering combination. Since the possibilities are endless, maybe you want to give smoked salmon a rest, and your guests a welcome change. The next time you entertain, include smoked trout in the menu. You will not be disappointed.

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