Smoked Sturgeon

Just as caviar, smoked sturgeon was loved by the Czars of Russia, European kings and the nobility. This table treasure made palates come alive as much as its eggs did.

There are two kinds of smoked sturgeon. Hot smoked and cold smoked. In cold-smoking sturgeon, the fish is slowly smoked, often for 24 hours or more, at a temperatures under 110 degrees F.

At this temperature the fish is not cooked, just slightly dried and infused with smoke flavor. It remains especially moist and tender.

Hot-smoked sturgeon actually cooks during the smoking process, in which the smoke gradually reaches a temperature of up to 180 degrees F. The smoking time is usually less than for cold-smoking. The result is a firmer and flakier smoked sturgeon.

Smoked sturgeon, whether hot or cold smoked, is more than just a gourmet treat, it is also packed with vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

Isn't it wonderful when we find something that is so good to eat is also good for us?

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