Sevruga Caviar

Sevruga is the smallest of all the caviar-producing sturgeons (150 lbs and 7 feet in length). It is also the most commonly found sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and because of that it is the mainstay of the Caspian caviar industry. Among the sturgeon fishes the Sevruga sturgeon is the most widespread, but the least prolific, of the sturgeon and lives about 30 years. Due to it being the most common sturgeon, it provides the lowest priced Caspian caviar.

Sevruga is also the sturgeon we see most often. When the image of a sturgeon is associated with sturgeon products, it is usually the Sevruga that is displayed regardless of what type of sturgeon caviar or other sturgeon products are in the can or package. The elegant lines of the Sevruga sturgeon make it the most common logo of the caviar industry.

However, we need to remember, that just as with Beluga, rarity - or abundance - are not the true measure of quality. Beluga is more expensive because it is rare and Sevruga is rather inexpensive because there is much more of it. It is our tastebuds we need to consult, rather than our financial status, when determining what we should or should not consume.

In spite of its price, rather than because of it, Sevruga caviar is the favorite of chefs and hosts worldwide simply because of its flavor and texture. And it would likely remain the favorite even if the price of all caviars were the same.

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