Scottish Smoked Salmon

Our Gourmet Direct's Highlander brand is hand crafted in a traditional smokehouse nestled on the banks of the River Cree in Newton Stewart, Scotland. We select only the finest quality fresh Scottish Salmon from our approved Scottish salmon growers. We transport the salmon to our smokehouse within four hours of harvesting from the waters of Scotland.

We fillet & hand cure each side with pure Kosher sea salt & brown molasses sugar & then traditionally smoke over smoldering oak chippings taken from single malt whiskey casks. Gourmet direct uses only natural, pure & fresh raw materials. We do not ever use any artificial flavors or preservatives.

All Highlander Scottish smoked salmon products are Kosher certified by the UK’s London Beth Din.

Gourmet Direct's Highlander Scottish salmon is double smoked to create a rich, peaty, smokiness that asserts itself on the tongue with a briny edge reminiscent of the ocean sprays from the rugged seas of Western Scotland.

Gourmet Direct's Highlander smoked salmon is flown from Scotland to U.S.A & are guaranteed to be delivered to your door.

Gourmet Direct does NOT own or operate any smokehouses in the USA – which means that you can be sure that you are receiving truly authentic product of Scotland and not a ‘Scottish Style’ made domestically in the USA.

Things have gotten even better over the years. One often wonders whether the application of all this technology removes the producers from the actual business of creating a really top-notch product? The answer is both yes and no.

Yes - producers don't have to baby-sit every load of fish and it is controlled much more closely than any human could actually do it.

No - it does not remove the producers from the process because the computer fautlessly carries out what has been programmed into it earlier. The result is a high quality product which is as uniform and consistant as the fish itself allows.

It takes first class fish to make a first class product. A good product cannot be made from bad fish. Some believe that smoking can be a cover-up for other problems with fish. That is a false assumption. Any "unpleasantness" will be readily apparent in very short order.

The smoked fish processors, whether in Scotland, Norway, or the U.S., all have a reputation to protect and maintain - and only the finest of fish make it into their smoking kilns.

Smoked fish products, from kippers to salmon, should all find a place of honor on your dining table.

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