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Creme Fraiche (7.50oz)

Creme Fraiche (7.50oz) Quantity in Basket: None

Creme fraiche is a slightly tangy, slightly nutty, thickened cream. Before the discovery of pasteurization creme fraiche made itself as the bacteria present in the cream fermented and thickened it naturally.

It is still widely available in Europe, but not as much in the US, where almost all dairy products are pasteurized, and therefore have to be fermented artificially. A basic rule is that creme fraiche and sour cream can be used interchangeably in most recipes, but creme fraiche has two advantages over sour cream. It can be whipped like whipping cream, and it will not curdle if boiled.

Creme fraiche not only adds great flavor, but keeps much longer than plain old cream. Add a spoonfull to soups, sauces, or anything that needs a just a bit of creamy flavor.
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