Imperial Caviar

Imperial caviar is "Golden Osetra," sometimes known as "Royal Caviar" and is obtained from albino (or white) sturgeon. It is among the rarest of caviars. The term "Royal" comes from the fact that in the past such caviar was reserved for royalty only. Such Imperial Caviar has been sampled by the ancients, celebrated by Czars and the Russian Court, and reserved for the tables of kings. Originally, Imperial Caviar came from the Sterlet Sturgeon but that fish is now largely extinct.

Today. Imperial Caviar comes from mature White Ossetra sturgeon. This caviar is highly coveted for its golden grains that deliver an earthy, nutty and fruity flavor. The color of Imperial Caviar may vary from golden to greenish.

The ancient Persians were the first to consume this golden delicacy. They called it Chav-Jar and believed it cured a variety of ailments. They would eat it regularly to improve their stamina. If only all medicine tasted so good!

Aristotle also informs us that many lavish Greek banquets would end with a trumpet fanfare which announced the arrival of heaping platters of golden caviar garnished with flowers.

There are many stories about the development of the caviar production process. It is known that most of the early consumers of sturgeon discarded the eggs. There are romantic tales of Caspian pirates and serendipitous accidents.

Regardless of its origins, caviar production has evolved into a delicate and precise art and Imperial Caviar is one of its Masterpieces.

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